bottiglia amarone

Amarone 2006

Vintage: excellent with sunny days and rainy ones alternating each other as to guarantee high quality with bunches ripen and sparse.

Origin of grapes: hillside vineyards of property grown in “Mattonara” by San Floriano, the soil is rich of clay and tuff.

Blend: Corvina 60%, Corvinone 25%, Rondinella 10%, Molinara 5%.

Analisys: Alcohol 15,5%; Dry extract 32,9 g/l; Total acidity 5,50 g/l; Reducing sugars 8,7 g/l.

Dryng process: the grapes, carefully selected and placed in baskets, are dried five months under controlled temperature and humidity.

Processing: between the half of January and the beginning of February the grapes are pressed and then slowly fermented under controlled temperature.

Ageing: the wine ages 2 years at least in Slavonian oak barrels and then 6 months in bottle.

Bottles produced: 6.700