The History

The Beghini’s wine company was born in the heart of  Valpolicella Classica, by love for the territory and art of winegrowing.

Passion, tradition and research are elements of its daily commitment on making wines unique and faithful to the history of the territory. The company’s tradition has been passed on from father to son from 1886 until nowadays, preserving the founder’s spirit as in the origin.

Gian Antonio Beghini has been continuing his father’s work since 1997 as handed down by the forefathers, in respect of the land and of the original family spirit, that by vocation has always been bound to tradition as well as open to innovations improving the quality of work, in the vineyard as in the cellar.

In the cellar

From the half of September the grapes are selected and harvested by hand. The best ones, the most ripen and sparse, are then collected in baskets to be dried up about four months.

The grapes are then processed in stainless-steel tanks under controlled temperature to preserve the most delicate flavours and to control better the fermenting yeasts.

The most full-bodied wines are then aged in oak barrels to provide tannins and to enrich the original perfumes.

The whole process, from the harvest to the bottling, is carefully attended by Gianantonio Beghini. Every single bottle obtained then contains the intimate essence of the family and the territory.